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No Guests Allowed?
On 2012-02-02 By Karen

We've worked with couples whose guest lists have been bursting at the seams because they wanted to invite so many people. Sometimes, couples decide not to allow a guest to bring a date so that they can invite more people. This is a big no-no. It's no fun being at a wedding without a date or a friend by your side...especially if the only people you know at the wedding are the bride and groom.

Couples will argue and say, "But we can't allow everyone to bring a guest because we have too many people to invite." We say cut your guest list so that you can allow everyone to have a guest. This is especially important if people have to travel to your wedding. No one wants to bring someone along to help drive to your wedding that is taking place two states away, only to leave their driving buddy in the hotel room because you won't let them bring a guest.

Review your guest list. See where you can cut people so that everyone can have a guest. Also, it's a good time to mention that the people who brides and grooms usually say can't bring a guest are their single friends. Married friends are allowed to have a spouse accompany them, but single friends are often told that they have to attend solo...even if they have a significant other. It's not nice to punish the un-married people at your wedding. So, cut your guest list, allow everyone to bring a guest and no one will refer to your wedding as, "That wedding where I couldn't bring a guest and I didn't know anyone there." :)

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And how much?,
By And how much?,
Dated 09 April , 2015
Why is everything so difficult?,
By Why is everything so difficult?,
Dated 09 April , 2015
And how much?,
By And how much?,
Dated 08 April , 2015
By 5031f06cb9aaf10295a17fca86ac0644
Dated 04 April , 2015
I believe that you are wrong,
By I believe that you are wrong,
Dated 07 March , 2015
I have been invited to an out of state wedding that will require several hours of driving each way and a 2-3 night stay in a hotel. I am not allowed a guest. I know that weddings can be expensive and cuts need to be made. I have listened to several people comment about how it is the bride and grooms day, and I agree. However, to ask people to a wedding that will cost them several hundred dollars to get there and stay (with me it will be a approx. $300 in gas, and $300 with hotel, not including meals that are not associated with the wedding, wedding gift, etc, and time off from work.) is selfish. You are asking people to share in your happiness and to enjoy the time with you on your special day, how happy do you think they will be when having to share it alone, especially for a few days. It's one thing if it is a local wedding, and I would have no problem with that, but again to invite someone to your wedding that requires a few days, and to do it alone....sorry, its wrong. I know I have the option to decline, and I'm really considering doing that.
By Amy
Dated 18 July , 2014
I am a 59- year old woman who remembers all too well what it was like to be single at a wedding where you knew few others. The problem with not bringing a guest is that most weddings are dinner dances, an event geared to couples. That's hard enough for the elderly spouse-less family members to deal with, let alone singles who sit at a table feeling out of place with no one to dance or talk with. Putting somebody in that position, especially a woman, makes them almost want to decline the next wedding invite.
By Lizskys
Dated 07 June , 2012
what if the you are in the wedding party and not married...would it be ok for that person to invite a date? I was the maid of honor in an out of state wedding and only knew the bride/groom and through the process got to know the other bridesmaids but my friend (the bride) didn't want me to bring my boyfriend. Granted, she had never met him so I do get that aspect but I had the worst experience and just felt alone as others in the party that were married had someone there and knew many of the people at the wedding.
By Erin
Dated 01 April , 2012
I know when you send out your invites you have the r.s.v.p cards and it you can have the guest say how many are coming.Some people let people know no kids allowed at the recepttion only the kids that are in the wedding so this may allow single friends to bring a date to the recepttion.My wedding allowed everyone so no feelings were hurt but most of my single girlfriends came alone they didnt bring a date and my husband guy friends came alone so it turned out great.It's your day and if you have great friends they will know how you are from the start you don't have to wait for your wedding day to start putting lables on friends they are in your life for reason not a season..Just a thought..
By Carolyn
Dated 13 July , 2011
Weddings are for the Bride and Groom not their guest. For me it was most important that my family and friends be there to witness our marriage, not some random guest that neither of us knew. For my recent wedding my husband and I invited only family and close friends who were all familiar with each other. There was a random guest or two who had no connection to any of our other guest so for that reason a plus one invite was allowed. I do not believe that your guest list should be cut in order to allow a guest for everyone on your list. It makes better sense with today’s economy and the price of weddings to only allow someone to bring a guest when necessary.
By By G.
Dated 13 July , 2011
Cutting the guest list isn't always an option, especially when both sides have big families. One thing my fiance and I made clear to everyone is that we didn't want to meet people for the first time at our wedding. So far, no one seems to have an issue with it.
By M.
Dated 13 July , 2011
The problem with that line of thinking is that weddings are expensive, and I can't see paying for someone to have a date, especially when you don't know who it is that you're inviting. I got married last year, and my wife and I made it clear to all of the single people that if they didn't have a significant other by the time that our wedding came up, then don't look to bring a date. That went for family and friends. They understood where we were coming from. It's supposed to be about the bride and groom, and if the single invited guests have a problem, then they can decline the invitation.
By Terence
Dated 12 July , 2011