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3 Of The Biggest Mistakes Brides Make And How You Can Avoid Them
On 2012-02-02 By Karen

Planning a wedding is a BIG task. There are bound to be some stumbles on the planning road that leads to the alter. While there are many mistakes that you can make in the process of pulling the big day together, we've chosen to highlight three big mistakes that we see on a regular basis.

Big Wedding Planning Mistake #1 -- You've FINALLY gotten the ring and you're over the moon with excitement! Don't make the mistake of sharing all of the details of your wedding day with your co-workers. Many brides plan their weddings while at work, so it's natural to chat with your co-workers about your ideas. Maybe you ask their opinions on your wedding colors. Or maybe you ask for input on your wedding gown choices. The mistake is that you are slowly pulling them into your wedding planning world, which is fine IF you plan to invite them all to the wedding.

These days, brides are looking to save money wherever they can and that usually starts with the guest list. Once you've gotten your co-workers emotionally involved in your wedding planning process, you can expect to hear this: Your wedding is going to be beautiful! I can't wait to get my invitation!

This is when reality sets in. You weren't planning on inviting your co-workers to your wedding. Perhaps you are only considering inviting your boss....maybe. But definitely not allllllll of the co-workers you've been involving in your various decisions.

While it may be difficult, refrain from dragging your co-workers into your wedding planning world. They're going to expect an invite and you won't want to have that uncomfortable convo with them about how you're not inviting co-workers.

Big Wedding Planning Mistake #2 -- Now that you've started planning, you need to find a venue. Don't make the mistake of selecting a venue that requires a big rental fee, but doesn't include anything except tables, chairs and walls. Those venues can be pricey and range from $2000-$7000 to rent...even more in some cases!

Consider a venue that doesn't charge you to rent their space (or they charge a very small fee.) Look for a venue that offers in-house catering and only requires a food and beverage minimum. For example, the minimum at some venues may be $3000 (minimums can vary based on time of day and day of week.) In this case, you would need to spend at least this amount on food and beverages for your guests.

Selecting this type of venue will save you tons of money. If you select a venue with a large rental fee, you might spend $4000 just renting the space. Then, you'd still need to hire a caterer, who could charge you thousands for food, beverage, wait staff, linens, china, silverware, glasses and much, much more. A venue with in-house catering will usually provide staffing, china, linens and other amenities. Look at hotels, country clubs and city clubs for affordable options.

Big Planning Mistake #3 -- Outdoor weddings can be beautiful, but not if it rains. We run across so many brides who plan outdoor events with NO BACKUP PLAN.

I've heard it all: "It won't rain on my wedding day," or "The almanac says it hasn't rained on this day in 12 years!"

Have a backup plan. As a wedding planner, I plan every outdoor event as though it's going to be raining sideways with gusting winds. If you're planning your wedding on your own, you need to think the same way. Consider a tent or a backup ceremony location. You won't want to be wet in your gorgeous gown and your guests will sit in their cars and watch from afar before they sit in the rain. Don't make the mistake that so many brides have made in the past!

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